Bring Back the Swasi!


Educate yourself!

I need to clarify something here. I by no means condone the use of a swastika in any sort of a racist way. I just believe that we should not let a symbol (that was used by multiple religions in multiple positive ways) be a sign for one horrific act. I think that if we use this symbol in a positive way, as it was intended, we can take back the hate that was surrounded by it.

If you let this symbol be about hate then that is all it will ever be. By reclaiming it as a symbol of religion and peace you are taking it back. I have no intention of downplaying what it meant 70 years ago. I also don't want to discredit the lives of the people that had to suffer through the times when it represented hate.

Again, anyone that knows me knows how sensitive I am to race/religion/gender/sexual orientation issues so don't take it wrong. I just think that we need to take the power back as far as this symbol goes.

So ask questions the next time you see someone wearing this before you jump to a conclusion about their beliefs.

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