Rednecks, Nightmares and Blue Ribbon Beer

Last weekend we had another GREAT Nightmares ride to Tower. We had perfect weather the entire time, all the bikes ran great and no one fell down this time. It was a truly perfect weekend.

Grilling dinner like usual once we got there.

Post-dinner beers.

I don't care what anyone says, I like wearing that hat and I think I look good in it!

Clint's hair is so luxurious that sometimes he has to wear a headband to contain it all.

Hanging out with our surrogate Grandma. Grandma Barb loves us because we remind her of her grandson.

Oh yeah, we sang karaoke!

Posing with Grandma Barb and Grandpa Jerry!

My new part-time job, bartending at the Iron Ore Bar.

My new boss, Diane.

I don't know why Tom is covering his face here.

We stopped at "Buck's Corner" to see "Buck's Tree". He uprooted this guy the last time he rode Hwy 1, this time we stopped so he could carve his name in it.

More pictures soon once Clint sends me all of his. Stay tuned....

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