Headin' North

In the middle of tons of cool crap happening here at L.Y.D.F. I'm heading out of town for 4 or 5 days. I'll be in the wonderful land of no cell phone reception with nothing but some of my best friends and our motorcycles, don't worry about us, we'll be just fine. Keep checking back however, sounds like Esteban is going to have a write up about his gnarly trip out east and I think Pat's got a few pictures to share with you from our sessions at Live Young Die Fast Worldwide Corporate Headquarters Incorporated. You're gonna wanna see exactly how much strain we go through making these shirts.

On another note, I'm shaving my beard into a really rockin' creeper 'stache for this trip. Looks more like I should be driving a van than riding a motorcycle...

Balls to the wall,


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