Setara & The Chubby Knuckles trip to Pennsylvania!

Let me just start off by saying how much of a blast I had with my band these past few weeks when S&TCK ventured on over to PA to play some shows.

It started off with a festival at Brad and Glenn's (Guitar, Bass) house in West Chester PA. Their mother Lauressa so graciously set it up and made it happen! We are planning on making this an annual event because it turned out to be a genuine success for us.

We took a drive to Ocean City Maryland for two days and stayed at the Roadway Inn. Hotels blend into hotels in this area. Very tourist you might say. We had an amazing time performing live on 98.1fm in Ocean City. We did an interview along with 3 live songs and we also got 2 songs from our upcoming album aired. It was an amazing time but the best thing by far was when we were headed home the next day. We were pumped that we were on the radio so we tuned into 98.1 and heard the DJ name drop Setara and the Chubby Knuckles and thanked us for coming into the studio.

We also played at the World Cafe Live in Philadelphia where 88.5 WXPN radio station is.

Above is a picture shot from the McNemar's front porch. You can see a trailer which folds out and becomes a humongous stage. Twas the stage we used for the festival!!

Below is a picture of us in the 98.1 fm radio station performing live in Ocean City Maryland. We were on the beach the whole day as you might guess!

Thanks for all your support guys!! The new album tracks are up for previewing on Myspace! Click here to check it out!!!!!

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