Screenprinting Adventures: The Beginning

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This is the first Live Young Die Fast clothing design we came up with:

Final artwork, taped to glass, ready to burn our first screen.

Jon is really good at ironing sparkly shirts.



Meeting of the minds.  At the end of the first night we talked about ideas for the next shirt, I sketched something up, super quick.

Jon printed a bunch of shirts that night after I left... and I started working on the art for the next design.

Final artwork.

Ink on paper.  Glamour shot.

I drove over to HQ, after getting the artwork ready to work with.
Once we started screenprinting, we didn't really stop until we printed everything we could get our hands on, it was super exciting. 

It was just an idea one night, the artwork was finished the next night, the shirts were printed and ready to wear the following night.  Quick like lightning.

Here's a better look at a finished shirt.

Done printing for the night.

Cheers on a productive couple of nights at the Live Young Die Fast Worldwide Headquarters/Sweatshop.

That's me... cheesy cheese.  

Until next time...

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