Bay of Pigs, The New Suns and Pabst Blue Rebellion at The Rox

Pork Sandwiches or Meat Raffel?!?! Pete Campbell will be filling in for Luke B Again! My Little Brother Evin plays bass in PBR (EV-IN! EV-IN! EV-IN!)!. Shane likes banging and soup with Meat and Veggies! I don't like straws in my face! Zeb might MC this event, plus some special jams! Should be a crazy night, so invite all your friends!

18+ show!!!
Bay of Pigs @ 9:30
The New Suns @ 10:45ish
PBR @ 12 ish

Bring extra cash cuz we'll be slingin' some LYDF gear at the show as well!

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