Can't Sleep

"Hardships and hard times these are what I call mine
Though they never cease to stop time
I'll claw my way out just fine
Came out a little bruised and more scared
This is what I live for
The sun will rise and the rain will fall
In the end we stand tall
Can't keep us down won't stop the fight
It's not over until we step into the light."

This was sent to me last night by my good friend and fellow recovering alcoholic Mike S. He mentioned that he was thinking about my nasty accident a bit when he wrote it. I think it sounds a lot like a description of the fight to get and stay sober that we're both going through. Either way, I like it a lot. Thank you very much for sending this to me Mike. I love you like a brother and I'm very proud of where you're at today. Keep on keepin' on.

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