LYDF Betties

The entire idea behind the LYDF Betties was to have both local and non-local (is that the right way to say it? sounds stupid) chicks to model our clothes, spread the good word about us and generally promote LYDF. Well let me tell you, it could not be working better! We are super lucky to have a knockout group of ladies here. I think we would be hard pressed to find a more righteous group of women to represent our clothing line. I can't thank the Betties enough for all that they do for us and look forward to continuing to work with them all. These ladies are always in our minds when we're coming up with designs and making shirts as we lean on them for opinions, ideas, support and favors quite a bit. Like when we have to peruse the women's clothing, especially underwear, sections; a thousand "thank yous" for being there with us Andrea. Plus, I know I've said it before and all, but they're all SUPER HOT too! So, yeah, this doesn't suck at all.

I would like to start this little photo array by introducing our newest LYDF Betty, the beautiful Christa!

Christa's another local chick and we're very stoked to have her be a part of the Betties! You should recognize her from the photo shoot pics that we recently posted so here is her formal introduction. Thanks again Christa!

Here is the rest of the lineup of amazing LYDF Betties in no particular order:







Thank you all again ladies and the check is in the mail! I hope you all know I'm joking about that.

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