Behind the curtain with Setara and the Chubby Knuckles


The beautiful Setara posing for the camera for one of
her many photo shoots, as she models on the side of singing.

Glenn, the new Bassist for the chubby knuckles
A master groove machine.

Before a show hanging with Helm, Setara and a friend Helm and I went to school with in St. Cloud

The voice of S&tCK. The one and only Setara

Partying like rock stars!!

The Chubby Knuckles
Left: Brad McNemar, Jason Wildasin(old bass player)
Esteban Cuadros, Doug Ramlow
Backstage before battle of the bands at the Rock Nightclub! Round 1.

Our engineer Derek DeMike taking a little break between takes.

Brad recording one of many rippin solos!

The control room/mixing board we recorded on at Pachyderm Studio. Cannon Falls MN

Doug putting the final touches on his kit

Me (Esteban) doing an overdub. Don't I look cozy!

Setara laying down the final vocal track

Doug's Kit set up for recording

Setara and the Chubby Knuckles can be heard here.
If you have venues in mind you want us to play or connections to make these kinds of things happen we would appreciate your help and support. This is our art as well as our lives. Our raw emotion and dedication goes into every step of the musician process. Live young. . . .you know the rest.

Shoot us an email any day of the week. I personally respond to every email and fan. setara.chubbyknuckles@gmail.com

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